May 3, 2009

Sewing Project #6 - Flannelette Pillow Cases

People commented that I am creative to sew things around the house. I always deny it because the truth is I am not creative. I am just better with copying ideas and copying sample/template that is given to me ;)

Hence the first of it all was a nursing apron that I copied with my SIL's apron, then a pedestal fan cover which was inspired and copied from my MIL's fan cover. From there, I had the idea of making covers for another fan, my portable aiconditioners and heater. The airplane head rest cover inspired my making chair head rest cover.

From facebook, I learnt that one of my friends is sewing pillow cases. That gave me an idea to sew pillow cases for the flat flannelette sheet that I got for my bed to be used for winter. The sheet did not come with pillow cases. And since Spotlight is having a sale for some printed flannelette fabrics ($A$3.99/m), I figure that I shall attempt to make pillow cases for my 'incomplete' flannelette manchester. The plain coloured flannelette pillow cases were on sale for A$3.50 each. With buying my own fabric and make them, I only paid A$6 for the 2 cases, saving A$1 and I could have printed (instead of plain) pillow cases and also could satisfy my interest for sewing.

It was not too difficult to sew. I took a current pillow case to look and see how I can replicate it. It was quite simple but I just needed to think a bit into it and decide which part I should begin sewing and which part to sew last. Here is the final product!

I tried to sew some interesting stitches on the side of the front of the pillow (those chris-cross looking stitches) to differentiate it. And as I run a bit short of fabric, I used remants of a light pink fabric and used it as a 'pocket' inside the case to tuck the pillow out of sight.

I probably would make another 2 with another fabric to match my 2nd flannelette sheet (meant for guestroom or alternating with the 1st one). Flannelette fabric would continue to go on sale as winter is approaching. Yay!

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