April 27, 2009

Sewing Project #4 - Poang Chairs

Yesterday we picked up 2 Poang Ikea chairs second-hand for $50 ea (U.P. $159). The chairs were in great condition, as if new! Have been eyeing it for some future use. Hubby has been trying to look out for offers that we can get it second-hand or brand new but cheaper than retail prices. He is real good in grabbing such deals via online shopping. This one was advertised on gumtree.

Plain black Poang chairs

I thought it would useful to have some sort of cover/cloth covering the head rest part, so that I can remove it to wash every now and then... With people sitting on and lay their heads on the head rest, all the grime in dirty hair, etc... it seemed a good idea to be able to wash the covers. You know how they have disposable (? or washable?) piece of cloth on the head rest of air plane seats? I stole the idea from there... So since I was going to Spotlight (yes again!) to pick up some blinds, I went in search of a suitable fabric to make these covers.

Picked up this 'camelia' series which I thought was nice and inexpensive. This is also an upholstry fabric, suitable for this purpose too. Intially I had thought of just having a plain colour but when I saw this, I figure that it would add an interesting touch to the chairs.

Unique, special, stylish and one-of-a-kind Poang chairs

The covers can be easily removed and washed in the washer. Basically it just consist of a pocket that the head rest bit goes into and one end of the pocket is longer so that it is tucked behind the head rest. Hubby helped in conceptualising of the idea :)

1 other thoughts:

me and m said...

wow - they look great! I was thinking of sewing a cover to change the look of my poang, but what you did sounds easier and looks amazing!
I'm gonna keep my eyes open for some nice fabric....

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