April 19, 2009

Sewing Project #3 - The Big Cover Up (Part I)

There are supposed to be 4 seasons where I live. But really, sometimes it seems like there are only 3 seasons - very hot and humid summer, cooler summer (spring and autumn has hot days and cool nights) and cool (not cold) winter. This means that we do not need our fans and portable air conditioners in winter and cooler summers sometimes and we do not need our heater in summer. This prompted me to sew covers for them to store away... or even to cover it when it is not in use so that (hopefully) it will be cleaner and less dust accumulation.

Here is what I did for about 1 hour's worth of work (over 2 days):

Cover for my box fan which also conceals the cable

With a little strap (and velcro) to hold everything in place, including holding up the hanging cable

Cover for my pedestal fan which is resembles a big shower cap!

Back of the fan cover, fastened by an elastic band

The round fan cover was inspired by my MIL's pretty fan cover which someone gave it to her and it was from China. I borrowed the cover and made a similar but a lot more simplified version of it.

I love this fabric but unfortunately there was only 1.2m left of it in the shop. The colour matches my lounge room colours and the carpet very well and plus the little flowers to make it look sweeter. Much prefer this than a plain brown fabric. This fabric only cost me $4 a metre, down to more than half its usual price.

There you go! Another successful sewing project :) Did not know that such projects can be so simple and easy... The next thing is to sew covers for my air conditioners and heater.

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