April 12, 2009

Birth of A New (Homemaking) Hobby

I have been wanting to sew/learn how to sew... but never had the opportunity nor the time to. I have been buying some nice pattern cloth from Spotlight once in a blue moon whenever I see them on sale. I'd always thought that it would really be nice to be able to wear something that I personally sewed and make gifts to be able to give people and make some simple clothes for family. And maybe when I am old, pick up quilting ??

My SIL G sewed a nursing apron, which she copied from a nursing apron which my SIL W had bought and used. It seemed really easy and hence I thought I will try and see if I can sew it and be able to give it to my friends who will be or are mothers. This long weekend, I finally had the time to try it. I borrowed a sewing machine from B (the first guy whom I know can sew) and managed to figure out how to use the machine by reading the instructions. I last really sewed in my secondary school days when everyone had to do "home economics" to learn cooking and sewing. In those days, I used a manual sew machine which is heavy and bulky. I know if I ever see or able to use one of those old machines now, I will feel very nostalgic...

Here is how a nursing apron looked like:

It has a loop where you hang over your neck

How it looks like if you carry a baby and nursing. It is meant to cover you and yet allows you to see from the top when you need to see baby

I have sewn 3 aprons over this weekend!

After making some mistakes and even having to unpick some parts of the apron, I made it and altogether made 3 aprons and a singlet over the past 3 days! Thank God also for Auntie YL who taught me a bit and gave me some tips to sewing. She is a great seamstress herself. I am now inspired to sew other things =)

2 other thoughts:

Anonymous said...

hi E,
since you're doing sewing and other projects now, you may be interested in some of the projects another friend (an ex-YFer now back in USA) has made - see http://madebyesther.blogspot.com/

island said...

thanks kl! esther is really good! anyway, reading some of her entries, made me discover other blogs/websites which is making me inspired to make other things!! wow!!

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