August 12, 2009

Sewing Project #10 - Aprons

A pair of aprons for HIM and HER

Last month, I mentioned that I had an inspiration to sew aprons as gifts. I set out to Spotlight, to hunt for a suitable material to sew the aprons. Found something very suitable but it was a bit costly. When I was having the material cut at the counter, I was told the cream coloured fabric was about 40% the usual price. This was a good surprise but I was puzzled why the other fabric of the same material but in dark blue was not on sale. Anyway I regretted not buying more of the cream fabric.

So I sewn a pair of aprons above, estimating the size of my friends and made them accordingly and also bought some iron-on alphabets to personalise them. These (along with another pair that I made for another couple) were made for my friends whom I know like to cook and I hope that this would accompany them as they journey into marriage.

The 5th arpon I made was a surprise for hubby. Unfortunately because I had been so busy, this was a belated pressie and I only just finished it today (a week late) :p I hope this will encourage him to be cooking together with me in the kitchen... or at least it will be something to keep his clothes clean when he wash the dishes every night. I was quite tempted to make a matching apron for myself but I cannot get more of the same fabric (same colour or another) and I figure I would just save the extra expenses and just use my bought apron with cow prints.

A masterchef WINner?

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