July 16, 2009

Sewing An Apron

I was thinking and searching the web on ideas of gifts that I can sew, not too difficult ones and able to give them away to my friends who are getting married in SG. My intention is to get a friend who is visiting me in Oz to bring back for my friends...

The idea of making a pair of aprons came about! CS likes to cook and I think S also can cook. To top it off, an Aussie cooking magazine Gourmet will suit them just nice :) If I succeed, probably will make another pair for a good friend P who was married a year ago :p But since they will be moving into their own place soon, a pair of aprons (to encourage them to cook) and an Aussie magazine of homestyle 'ang mo' (westernized) cooking would be great!

See my inspiration and sewing plans here and here. Now, I have to make sure my ideas are able to be accomplished tasks ;)

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