August 14, 2009

Belated Anniversary Thoughts

(A week since my 4th year of blogging and 2nd year of moving to Down Under)

In the past year of blogging, I realised that I have been blogging quite a bit on my homecooking and homemaking experiences. I supposed it also made me realised how domesticated I have become (an "aunty" in SG terminology). But really, I am so thankful to finally have the opportunity to do so because being a homemaker (although I am working part-time now) is what I really aspire to be. I am doing what I do not really do when I was single and what people in SG see me as - cooking, cleaning, sewing, knitting. I was (I think) known to be going out a lot (as supposed to being at home), rarely cooked, likes baking (which I still do), frequently shopping for clothes, etc, always wearing make-up and dress quite nicely, wore office suit and heels to work. Now I like to stay at home to cook, bake, sew, knit, sometimes clean, tidy the house, shopping for groceries excites me, wear casually everyday and to work too, wear flat and comfy shoes most times. With this difference in my life, I get excited about my cooking and homemaking experiences pretty easily and blogging about them also allow my friends in SG to know what I have been up to here.

I suppose the above also relates to how my 2nd year in Down Under has been. Having lived here for 2 years and been through 3 winters, 2 summers, 2 autumns and 2 springs, I reckon I still much prefer the cool/cold weather in autumn and winter. I complain about the heat and humidity (at times) in summer and you will be surprised, sometimes in spring too! Even though I have lived through much of my life in a hot and humid country, my tolerance for that has not been really good. Well, there is aircon almost everywhere you go to in SG but not here!

The other thing I have grown more accustomed to a bit more is the aussie accent, the way they pronounced words and the way the use certain terms. It makes me speak proper English a bit more :p but I would be amused and happy when I hear a SGrean accent which I am able to almost instantly recognise it miles away. It is really funny when I hear some SGreans read the Bible in the singlish style when I am so used to hearing it being read in proper English :) I do not used to be able to differentiate the accents so clearly but now I can. I think I am also able to differentiate an American and British accent a lot better than the past. Maybe I was just too comfortable in the singlish that I speak and is spoken around me.

In short, I think I have become rather accustomed to the aussie lifestyle and the way they speak but it will take me a much longer time for me to appreciate the culture, relating to aussies and feeling more comfortable to speak with aussies and in aussie English than "talking to my kaki's in singlish" (the aussies would say "speaking with my friends in singlish") :p

2 other thoughts:

Anonymous said...

WOW. Has it been two years already? I remember u calling me one fine day on the phone and one of the things u shared was this aussie accent thing and we decided that it would take time and practice till "bin che che" to "catch" it. Looks like u've made it!! Good job LAH! And....God bless Singlish :) R

island said...

LOL, thank god that i didn't need to go 'bin che che' about it :p and hah, only those with intermediate singlish will know what does that term means :p (ie. i think hubby doesn't know!)

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