August 11, 2009

SAHW - Stay At Home Wife

(Thoughts after reading an article on Boundless about SAHW)

I was a SAHW for a short while and now, I am a part-time SAHW. From the environment that I grew up in, SAHW is only something that happens to the older generation and not mine. A SAHW seem to be giving the impression that you are idling at home or that your husband is taking back so much dough that you do not need to work. I was a SAHW because I was in between temp jobs and was looking for permanent work. Now, I work part time and hence a part-time SAHW too.

I chose to work part time for 2 main reasons: (1) I will stay sane and have some time to be a SAHW to better serve my husband, be busy at home and have more energy for us to be hospitable with our God-given home; (2) I can continue to work and earn extra to save up, if and when God gives us children. It was a choice and decision that we made as a household and it was not because hubby earns sufficiently for our current lifestyle. But that we will live on one income and adjust our lifestyle accordingly to that one income. We welcome more income, but we continue to trust God to provide and at the same time, trying to be good stewards of the resources that He has given us.

To us, our current ministry (to be hospitable and various others, etc) and our future ministry to our children (God-willing) has a higher priority than bringing in more money for our current, preferred lifestyle. My being a part-time SAHW also allows me to better serve my husband as I prepare our meals and manage the household. It has been proven that I get pretty stressed when I have to work full-time and manage the household at the same time... and this does not help in our marriage, nor minister to our needs. I am happy to have the time and energy to run errands which we otherwise have to do them on Saturdays, meet up with other women on a 1-2-1 basis, help out in mother's group, able to make preparations if and when we have people over for dinner and have time to sew, knit and try new recipes. I am glad not having to be stressed about doing those and at the same time being stressed by the demands of my full-time work. I know I am not a superwoman... although I think it might be a bit easier to work full-time back in SG because I do not need to cook everyday and it is cheaper (sometimes) to dine out.

I am very thankful to God for the privilege to be a part-time SAHW and having a part-time work that is easy and useful in furthering God's kingdom. I cannot ask for anything better :)

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