April 16, 2009

Sewing Project #2 - Water Bottle Bag

Since now that I am excited about my new hobby, I have been thinking about projects that I can do. Hubby and I thanked God for enabling me to pick up this new hobby which can be useful and practical now and future :)

Went in search for a suitable fabric at Spotlight sale last week. Saw this neutral colour with some cute mottifs on the cloth. Embroidered zebra and coconut tree are sewn randomly on the fabric and there is not too much of it and hence it does not look too childish for an adult to carry. This is also a slightly thicker material which suits making a bag. Best of all, it only costs $3 a metre and I later realised it is larger than other fabric I bought as the width is already longer than the others.

For future projects, I am thinking of making covers out of the same fabric for my box fan, pedestal fan , our 2 new but second hand portable air conditioners and a fin heater when they are not in use ;) 

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