April 15, 2009

My Latest Niece Christy

This is my 2nd and latest niece and I shall call her Christy (in this blog). She was born nearly 3 months ago and (then) weighed a healthy 3.95kg! After 3 months, she is almost 2x her weight at birth and this is not typical of breastfed babies!

Christy is a contented baby. She sleeps well (maybe only wake up 1-2x in the night for feeds) and drinks well and very quickly. Because of that, maybe that is why she is so 'contented-looking', with double chin and chubby cheeks that makes you want to give them a pinch :p I was told that compared to her older sister Belle, Christy is a much quicker drinker and not fuss at mealtimes, while Belle is a bit more difficult (although she is generally very good too). Christy also do not cry for no reason. Her only 'fear' is to be left alone and no one is near her or entertaining her. 

Belle has been quite a dear to her mei mei too. Initially she would 'fight' for mummy's attention but when told properly to wait because mummy needs to attend to Christy first, Belle would mostly be understanding and patient to wait. Now when Christy cries, Belle would sometimes sing to her and Christy would stop crying. When you ask Belle if she loves Christy, she would say "yes", nod her head and you will see a big grin on her face. 

I decided to take some photos of the 2 girls - they look so sweet and cute together!!

I hope both of them will grow up to be really close and loving sisters :)

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