February 21, 2006

The Power of Flowers

Its amazing what flowers can do to make a woman smile. I received one table arrangement sometime in October last year given by someone in my DG to cheer me up. On my birthday in 2003, J sent me a bouquet of lilies to my office and boy, did she surprised me!! I used to hear people say that it is a very nice and different feeling when girls receive flowers in the office. I guess I will have to agree now...
From my good friend J in 2003

Today, I received a bouquet of flowers in my office! This is totally unexpected and a surprise! (Disclaimer: I rarely get this... this is only my 3rd time receiving flowers in the office and not from a special guy :P. So stop guessing :P) Story goes that last week, I helped J's cousin T to make arrangements for his relatives from Indonesia to do some health screening, etc... To me, it is a privilege to be able to help people in my job and I didn't expect such gifts in return... but this is their way of showing appreciation and surely this is a nice surprise and brought a smile to my face =)
Orchids from the 3 Indonesian men :P

In the recent time, I have also received flowers from other people, but not sent to me in my office. Last year's birthday, some people in my music team, together with some friends from church surprised me with a little bouquet of gerberas (aka. barberton daisy). Just last week, when I was at a flower shop at my office, the shop owner gave me a fresh stalk of big red rose as nice belated Valentine's Day gesture. Hee I suddenly remembered how my brother also bought me a bouquet of blue roses for my birthday many years ago because that silly boy don't know what else to get me. God surely has a way to cheer me up through people in my life =)

Even my mum likes flowers... my dad is not a romantic to buy flowers for my mum. The closest it can get (as far as I remember) is when we the children, helped dad buy a bouquet for mum for Valentine's Day (under our coercion) some 15 years ago! I remembered mum was delighted to receive a bouquet of carnations I got her for Mother's Day last year... so yup flowers can make wonders, if given by the 'right' persons :P

Another disclaimer: I'm not a sucker for flowers :P In fact sometimes I think its not practical and economical to buy flowers and receive flowers... e.g. if I were to receive 99 roses from my boyfriend/husband, I'd think he's wasting money... not unless he is a rich and wealthy man :P But receiving flowers once a blue moon is a nice and sweet thing lah... =) (as long as its not from someone I want to stay away from :P)

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