February 22, 2006

Beautiful Sunsets

One of my favourite photos: Taken in Langkawi 2003

Between sunrise and sunset, which do you prefer? I think I prefer the sunset... probably because I'm not a morning person and do not wake up early enough to catch the sunrise. Hmm to catch a sunrise, I either have to wake up really early (which is not easy) or stay up the whole night just to catch the sunrise. I did it by the beach of Bintan - stayed up whole night to catch the sunrise... but by 3-4am, I was so sleepy... by the time traces of the sun appears, I wish it will come out faster so that I can go to bed... *yawn*

Hmm... perhaps I really do prefer to watch the sunset. Because I need not make too much effort to make it in time to catch it. I guess it also makes me relax as it is moving into the night... as I watch the sun rays hitting onto my office building, I could not help to fish out my camera to take a photo. I think it was not really sunset yet but the sight is therapeutic for me as I look out of the windows of my office pantry... then I realised that I have taken quite a number of photos of sunset in the past. All the photos were taken using my now-2-year-8-months-old Casio Exilim EX-Z3 (phased out now). Here are some to share: (click on the photos if you want to see a larger image.)

In local Singapore land:

Fullerton Hotel and Shenton Way (Singapore River).

National Day Parade Rehearsal (happen to take it when I was in the vicinity) and Sentosa Siloso Beach.

East Coast Park (whilst doing personal reflection) and Pasir Ris Park (after an afternoon of inter-DG games)

A shot from the plane on way back to Singapore and sunset from view of Neptune Restaurant.

Holidays in Malaysia:

More Langkawi shots: From the pier and looking out of the Langkawi Lagoon Resort.

Penang's Batu Ferringhi Beach: Parasailing... and C walking along the coastline, happen to be caught in the photo with the little girl (I thought that this was a very nice accidental shot :P)

Dining at Johor Bahru

Holiday in Bintan:

Shots from Bintan ferry terminal before we take the ferry ride for home.

Last but not least, this was taken in Sydney when I was last there in 2003.

Jervis Bay (south of Sydney)

2 other thoughts:

quop said...

that's quite a nice selection of sunset photos :) hmm... i'm not a morning person either, but the pic currently on my profile is a sunrise shot from a new year's day one or two years back... one of the rare times that i'm awake to see sunrise :p

The Marxx said...

nice theme and with pictures to go. coolness!

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