February 21, 2006


... and this is not the title of a movie although surely it is my favourite number :P

Orangeclouds was tagged and Orangeclouds tagged Quop and Quop tagged me. Sounds complicating isn't it? Just read on...

Seven dreams before death:
1. Have a loving husband and lovely children and love my grandchildren
2. See and feel snow and play with snow
3. See the cherry blossoms in Japan
4. Have a house by the beach, live there and nuah away
5. Go around the world (in more than 80 days)
6. Please God with my life
7. Drive any car I want... at any time

Seven things I can't do in this lifetime:
1. Be the perfect woman (not even Eve can be)
2. Be a doctor (provided I can stand the sight of blood)
3. Sleep 24 hours without waking up in between
4. Eat and eat without putting on the slightest bit of weight
5. Skydive, bunggi jump... one of those activities that makes your heart pop out
6. Play any of the following instruments - piano, flute, harp, violin
7. Understand many many things in this world... Shall ask God when I see Him

Seven things that attract me:
1. My bed
2. Technology - my PDA, my mobile, my digital camera...
3. Heart to heart conversations
4. Pretty (yet practical) things
5. The thought of holidays!!
6. Food (not all the time though...)
7. Mini Cooper

Seven things I say:
1. Wah Lau!
2. Sure or not??
3. So des (in japanese )
4. Erm...
5. .... meh?
6. Don't like that lah...
7. (Just =) ... a smile speaks a million words)

Seven books that I love: (not really love but surely like. Then again other than Bible, I don't read a lot...)
1. Bible
2. I Kissed Dating Goodbye
by Joshua Harris
3. Passion and Purity by Elizabeth Elliot
4. Shape (its a magazine :P)
5. Briefings (its a magazine too!)
6. (I told you I don't read a lot....)
7. (I really cannot get 7 lah...)

Seven movies I've loved: (in no particular order)
1. Turn Left, Turn Right
2. The Hero
3. Titanic :P
4. The Story of Us
5. The Soong Sisters
6. Pearl Harbour
7. Adam's Apple

Seven tags:
1. Quop
2. Marxx
3. Pigstorm
4. Carpe Diem
5. Neonangel
6. Rust
7. My DG

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