April 10, 2012

The Return of Meals Planning

Although I have not been posting/sharing about my meal planning, I have been planning my meals, or at least, try to plan :p 

I have been trying, every Sat or Sun, to look at the coming 1.5 weeks to plan/review what meals I have to cook (or bring to someone's home or church to share) so that I can buy them coming Wed/Thur when I do my usual grocery shopping. (I try to shop those days because the major supermarkets' weekly sales begin mid week. Should I still want to buy a sale item towards the end of the sale period, I could do so by Tuesday the following week) Sitting down for 15 mins or so to plan, also means that I can look through my collection/list of recipes which I would like to try and schedule them in to try out on a convenient day or occasion. I note down my meal planning using Springpad which I will be able to access on my computer/laptop, smartphone and tablet. When I alter my notes, I will be able to sync the info and view them on any of the 3 devices. I often refer to the list on my phone when I am out at the shops (sometimes to remind me why I needed to buy a certain ingredient) and to think/plan what meat to defrost in the fridge 2 days ahead of cooking.

For those interested, I am using the Woolworths app on my phone to help with my shopping list when I shop at Woolies. There are many other general grocery shopping list apps around. I use a very basic app where I am able to draw up different lists for when I go to Coles, Asian grocery store, Aldi, etc I also use this app to store a list of things that I want to buy to bring to Singapore to visit family/friends and another to list of the things I want to buy back here. I am so thankful because that means I won't be having many pieces of paper with me and I can add to/edit any of these lists anywhere as long as my phone is with me. When I get around to it, I will be entering a list of spices and can food which I have in my pantry, so that I can refer to them at the shops. E.g. when I see an item at a very special price at the shops, I can refer to the list to check if I already have the item and how much I have at home before deciding to buy.

I know this makes me sound like an "aunty" (an old housewife) but for my sanity, I have to be organised ;)

9 April to 15 April 2012
Mon - pork stir fry
Wed - butter chicken
Fri - baked barramundi (or roast chicken), sambal prawns, passionfruit tart
Sat - baked dippy eggs, apple pie
Sun - apple tea cake

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