April 11, 2012

A New Fruit in My Dictionary

I have heard of figs but cannot remember eating them. I have no recollection of having tasted it before. Even if I have, I must have not liked it.

It is amazing how much a fig tart changed my mind. Recently, I saw a fig tart recipe. It looked so good that I told myself I must try making it one day. This also happens to be the right season for figs. I bought some figs from the markets and wanted to make the tart but didn't get around to it until last night. This is the result -(pardon the imperfect broken bits due to transferring out of the dish)

This tart is so so good - naturally so because there is quite some butter in it ;) As with most tarts, they are in their best when warmed and served with ice cream/cream. I love the cinnamon pastry this comes in.... yum! I hope to try out another fig tart recipe where it uses less butter but has hazelnut meal in the pastry and the tart topped with chopped hazelnuts :)

Figs are fairly healthy too - rich in calcium and fiber. Figs are mildly sweet. 2 weeks ago, I cut up some and added it to my breakfast cereal. I love how its little seeds burst and pop in my mouth. If I am able to find more figs at a cheap price, I'd love to try making some fig jam before autumn ends :)

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Selma Dwjl said...

I like figs and fresh figs are the best. i think they are kind of expensive though... at least $10 per kg right?

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