February 29, 2012

Am I An Introvert?

I am pretty sure I am an extrovert. People around me would also agree.

However, it seems that now that I am older, I am a little more introverted but still overall an extrovert.

According to this blog entry about the advantages and disadvantages of being an introvert, I realised that these speak true of me:- (although friends who know me might not agree with me)

  • Introverts are just as satisfied with one good one-on-one conversation as we would be having all our friends around for a party
  • Introverts don't want for more friends (assuming we have at least a couple of close friendships)
  • Introverts don't need to fill the calendar with social engagements to have fun
  • Introverts can easily become overwhelmed with too many social engagements or a too-crowded schedule
  • Introverts do not have as much social stamina
  • Introverts can often not balance as many balls in the air
  • Introverts can become more easily overwhelmed with over-stimulation (e.g. 3 wild, screaming children!)
  • Introverts often find it more difficult to break from routine and "go with the flow

I think since a few years ago, I realised that I much prefer smaller group or 1-to-1 gatherings as supposed preferring to hang out at a big gathering of friends. I guess with smaller groups, conversations are more meaningful and possibly deeper. Since moving to a new country, I found myself less keen in big group gathering of friends or going out often to meet up/catch up with people. I attributed that to mostly (initially) labelled as "hubby's wife" as most of them are hubby's friends that I befriend. Hence it can be pretty overwhelming to meet people all the time and having to remember names, things about them and getting to know them. I am thankful that many of them are also now my friends.

I am also thankful and happy with the number of friends I am blessed with (and this is not from the number of 'friends' I have on my facebook). There are a number of friends and/or their spouses (maybe around 10-20) in Singapore, whom I still keep in touch with, either closely or semi-closely. I know these are very close friends who will stay with me for the rest of my life and I am so so thankful for their love and friendship. In Brisbane, I have less than 5 girls whom I am closer to and about 10 or so on the outer circle, of whom I would not mind sharing with, even though I only see some of them a couple of times a year. So in that sense, I don't crave for more friends but trying to keep up with the current.

My calendar is not filled but it can be full of activities and engagements sometimes. These days, I am happy to have a free weekend of just being at home, doing a combination of a little housework, baking, watching tv, sewing.

Just recently, I felt very overwhelmed... I felt busy even though I am not literally that busy. With aging and a different stage of life, I find that I cannot balance as many things as much as I could. I have to admit that I cannot do that now and will have to adjust the things on my plate accordingly. I decided I needed to get away for a short break and I am looking forward to this weekend of rest/break/reflection/retreat with hubby.

So on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being introvert and 10 being extrovert, I probably was 8 on the scale. Now I am probably 5 to 6. Who knows, give me another 5 years and I might be a 4? :)

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