April 11, 2012

B Growing Up

At the wink of an eye, B turned 5 last December. 2012 is a big year for her as she started attending prep school. 

Before school started in late January, hubby and I brought B (and her sister C) out for a little treat - their first movie at the cinema! We were a little apprehensive as we were not sure if they will cry, feel scared watching a movie in the dark or be very restless and want to leave. I am thankful the prep talk helped. We did toilet runs before the movie, armed with little snacks to keep them occupied/well fed, showed them things around in the theatre (removable arm rest, where the movies are screened, etc). We let them both sit with each other and in between hubby and I so that we can each attend to one child. It was nice to see them enjoyed "Happy Feet 2", loved the penguins, krills, seals in the movie. B was very good, while C was rather restless (expected), was walking around a little and was a little afraid at 1 to 2 scenes but was easily assured with a hug and cuddle. 

Before the movie at Southbank
After the movie
With their balloons at Lifeline Book Fest
The first term has just ended and B was very happy to have a 2-week break. She does enjoy school very much but towards the end of the term, she was rather tired, emotionally tired of going to school. B is generally an introvert but her love for Jesus and the gospel has compelled her to share Jesus with her friends in school. B thinks that everyone needs to know Jesus and people need the Bible so that they will know the real God. I think she has been sharing Jesus almost everyday in school but has been facing rejection. At this thought, a mixture of joy and sadness fill my heart - joy because I praise God for such pure and innocent love, faithfulness and perseverance to share the gospel in a 5yo, sadness because the little her is starting to get a taste of the reality and sinfulness of the world (not everyone will accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour). 

I am very thankful and moved to see how God is growing and changing B. Some say her parents taught her well. I think my SIL and BIL do their best (but are not perfect) but most of all, the glory goes to God and the Spirit's work that B is who she is today. There is only 1 Christian (that she knows of) in her class. I shall attempt to pray with her as often as I can since I help to send her to school 2 days a week (her school is walking distance from my workplace). I pray that her love for Jesus and the gospel will grow with her as she grows physically. 

B loves to bake (influence from her mum who is very good at baking)

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