January 5, 2011

Floods in Queensland

Family and friends in Singapore have asked me if I am affected by the recent floods in Queensland. Thank God for His protection, we are not affected here in Brisbane. But many have been evacuated, many lost their homes, many animals died, much crops destroyed, increasing threat of crocodiles and snakes, etc and it saddens anyone reading about it... just as the bushfires in Victoria some 2 years ago.

The truth is, the floods are pretty far away from Brisbane. The badly affected areas are north and west of Brisbane. See the map below. Bundaberg is about 5 hours drive away. Rockhampton is about 8 hours drive away, 500km from Brisbane (For comparison, driving from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur takes about 4 hours. The distance from Singapore to the Peninsula Malaysia/Thailand border is between 800-900km.)

These floods are also costing a lot to repair and it would take a while to get 'back to normal'. Singapore will also feel the effects of this by increased food prices. The Singapore Armed Forces has also offered help to the flood-hit areas.

Read about how did the flood happen and how you can pray.

It rained so much in the last 2 weeks of 2010 and accompanied with the warmer temperatures, we are seeing more incidences of snakes in our backyard. Beyond the fences of our backyard, is a creek area. When a lot of rain falls, little puddles/ponds can form. We can see them, just a few metres away from our fence. This prompts the snakes in the area to want to go drier land (e.g. our backyard). So far, it has not been too dangerous for us but it certainly deters (especially) me from stepping out into my backyard to do things like throwing the rubbish (into the bins), gardening and even putting out our laundry. Thank God for a husband who would sacrificially do all that. Where possible, I will not step into the backyard if husband is not at home.

Thank God for His protection over us but may we be sensitive to those who are and pray for those who are. This can happen to us too - we are not spared from storms and hailstorms. Remember those affected by the floods in your prayers...

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