January 19, 2011

Helpless Children

With all the recent floods in Queensland and its news, I read about possibly, the youngest victim - 23mo little girl who was swept off her 6-month pregnant mum. This little girl's 2 grandmothers - 1 was found dead and the other is among the missing. This is just one of the many horroring, sad stories from the many who are affected by the floods. As I was reading this news, I was waiting for hubby (who was helping our friends to clean up their flooded home) and my SIL and her family to join us for dinner. When my 2 nieces arrived, tears just swell up in my eyes when I see the almost-24mo C and 4yo B, ... I really felt the loss for that mum of her innocent 23mo daughter and for another man who lost his wife and 2 children.

In a totally different story, during the same weekend, we heard news of a friend's 15mo boy found to have a 5cm tumour in his brain. Words cannot describe how devastating it is for his parents and his loved ones to know this and bear to see this little one undergo surgeries and seeing little tubes poked into him. Looking at the photos of this boy growing up - his smiles and all, makes me wonder why does this have to happen to such a young, bubbly and joyful child. I could only but pray for him... I pray God will spare this little life that he may grow up knowing and loving Him and to serve our Lord with his life. I pray that his parents will continue to stand firm in the Lord and trust in Him during this difficult time.

Sometimes, some parts of our lives just simply do not make sense. But we can be assured that God knows what He is doing and He has the power and ability to do the impossible - just because He is God. When things seemed out of control, we can be assured that He is in control - of the world, of the winds and the rain, of the flowers and the animals and of our lives. Our Lord God is the creator, the beginning and the end. When life do not make sense, we can only but trust in our Saviour Jesus, who has shed His blood in exchange for our lives so that we have hope and an eternity to look forward to.

In another story which happened many years ago in a rural, remote part of Malaysia, a 4yo boy had an unknown cause of high fever which did not go away. After travelling a long time (hours?) to get to the nearest hospital (cars were not common then), the boy survived. The doctor told his parents that should the boy arrive at the hospital any later, he would lose his life. You would often hear that it is dangerous for children to have prolonged high temperatures. It will affect their brains. That little boy is well surviving today and by God's grace, his intelligence, his health, his development were not compromised through that illness. This boy is now my husband, who by God's grace (his parents said) grew up to be the most intelligent amongst his siblings.

We may never know why some things happened the way it did. But you and I can be certain that they happened within the Lord's control and most of all, they happened so that God will ultimately be given all the glory that He deserves.

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