September 15, 2010

Some Bits of Hometown

I grew up watching the local Chinese tv drama series. Now that I am living away from hometown, I rarely get to watch them, unless I watch them through youtube.

I am glad to watch the 36-episode "Together" last week. This drama was set in the 1960s, in my parents' generation. From here, I learnt about some history of Singapore, e.g. when National Service became mandatory for all young men (and realised that my dad barely missed out because he was born 2 weeks shy of the age range) and when Singapore issued its own currency. It also reminded me how fortunate we are now when our parents daily meals were mainly vegetables and rice. Most of the common people only get to eat meat and eggs during very special occasions. In those days, fake eyelashes were rented for $4 a day, jeans and bell bottoms were strange and out of the world, driving tests were conducted using car models, education was uncommon, tertiary education was for the rich or very smart (with a scholarship) and corruption and illegitimate income were common because that is the only way the common person gets his wealth. This drama is not dramatic enough (pardon the pun) to captivate hubby's interest but I liked it mostly because it brings back certain memories I have and reminds me of the roots and history of where I was born. I like how it reminded me of the way of life and the culture at that time, some of which do not occur now but it is good for the future generation to know and realise how fortunate we are now.

Suddenly I recall how it was like at my grandparents' - a food storage cupboard with wire mesh to keep flies away instead of a fridge, bathing from cold water in a huge porcelain tank instead of fresh water through the pipes, using hand held fans and sometimes electrical fans instead of electricial fans and airconditioners, telephone that you have to dial one digit by one digit instead of mobile phones and digital telephones, typewriters instead of computers. There were no microwave ovens, mobile phones, ipad, computers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers. I am thankful that I live in this generation with the comforts of life.

Wikipedia's write-up on "Together"

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Hwees said...

how did you manage to watch TCS8 on youtube? I also want! Yah, I remember the mesh cupboard and how the food always tasted a bit cao sng hahah. I wonder how we managed to go from hand-held fans to aircon without even noticing it!

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