November 9, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

A couple of Saturdays ago, hubby and I went along to volunteer at the Samaritian's Purse Operation Christmas Child packing centre. It was "serving night" at our CG and we decided to tag along with a group from our sister church who has already organised that evening's volunteer experience. 

In all honesty, I was very attempted to back out after a hot and tiring day at church's bbq lunch at the park. But in all submission to hubby, I went ahead. (I am thankful for hubby's attitude of service despite his tiredness) There were about 20 of us that evening, of which 3 (including hubby and I) were from my CG. I thank God for renewed energy to be able to get through 3-4 hours of standing and packing the shoe boxes. We have to open each box and check its contents to make sure that they fit the criteria and regulations. E.g. liquid and gels should not be in there. We also have to remove all the packaging of the items (so that the kids need not dispose the packaging and increase landfill in their country). It was really nice to see the items from many thoughtful families and individuals. It felt like all those presents were for me, since I had to open up and look through them :p (I did not keep anything for myself). 

Some of the many shoe boxes queuing for us to pick up to sort.
(Tired but) Happily sorting through each box.

I'd love to do this again next year. This is a meaningful way to spend some time to pack gift boxes for the less fortunate children in the world :)

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