September 15, 2010

CG Serving Night

Pastor S & KY just became new parents to baby J 2 weeks ago. 4 weeks ago, our CG decided to come together to cook them some food which they are able to freeze away for their meals, so that they need not worry about their meals while having to care for bub and being new parents.

The menu:
- beef meat balls in spaghetti sauce (3 meals)
- dumplings with pork mince (3 meals + another 2 meals of pork balls)
- stir fried pork with veggies (3 meals)
- stir fried chicken with DOM liquer and mushrooms (2 meals)
- tuna and mixed veggies pasta bake (3 meals)

5 of us together, put up the above dishes in 20 takeaway containers, which is sufficient to provide the main dish for both of them for around 16 meals. All that were done in 2 hours. It was a fun time putting everything together and chatting at the same time. What a good way to fellowship and be able to serve others at the same time :)

The girls in preparation - meat balls and dumplings

Hubby cooking the pasta sauce with meatballs

All the food, packed, labelled and ready to go!

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hwees said...

Wow! Sure sounds like fun. And what a loving act! I guess it is hard to find a confinement nanny in Australia, like it is in the US. If I ever give birth again, I can only hope I collect enough love credits for my friends to cook for me like you guys did for your pastor's family.

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