January 20, 2010

You Are One!

Mei mei 妹妹 C, you are one year old today! :) It feels so quick that it has been a year since you are born. I remember that when you were born, I don't really have much affections for you... I think it is because I have a 2-year relationship with your sister and I needed time to bond with you.

You are rather big from the day you were born.... and people describe you as "chubby", "cute", "michelin tyres". However, as your grow to be more active, you are losing more of your baby fat. You are still cute to me :)

Your sister's personality and looks generally takes after your daddy, while yours generally take after your mummy. You apparently look like mummy when she was a baby. I used to say that your sister is the easiest baby to look after. But you know what? I think you beat the record. You are really an easy baby! Except, sometimes you are a little fussy about eating and we have to humour you to eat. But most times, you eat anything and everything and you definitely eat more than your sister! At this age now, you no longer eat pureed food and is eating what we adults are eating.

You simply adore your sister and unknowingly copies her in her ways and gestures. Eg. she sits in the car with her legs wide open or hanging out that does not look very girl-like. In that way, you are also very similar! About 2 weeks ago, I went shopping with you, mummy and sister. You were sitting in the pram and you actually managed to turn your whole body around (despite being strapped down) because you are curious and want to participate in what mummy and I are doing - shopping. You also sit in the pram with one leg hanging out of the pram, looking just like how your sister sits!

Since about 3 months back, I realise that you do recognise me... such that whenever you see me, I can tell from the look on your face that you know me and you want me to carry you. It does feel good being wanted :p whilst sometimes your sister has 'the mood' and is not happy to see me. You are always happy and smiley! :) You bring a smile on my face and you know what? You are so cute that when you cry, your face looked really cute too and I want to laugh when I see you cry. Not because I am mean but you are simply too cute with your facial expressions!

Curiously examining sister's birthday present

You sleep easy, eat easy and play easy. These days, you try to mimic the adults talking. But really, you only go "bah bah, gah gah" or give out sounds like humph, arrhh, in which I know you are attempting to talk or express yourself... but we cannot understand you, you know? I wonder if you are fustrated with us sometimes... heheh. When we say hello, you seem to be able to repeat that.

Another new thing recently is seeing you walk. You have been cruising for a couple of months and crawling everywhere you can go to. When you finally walked by yourself, you walked a few steps in front of your parents and then dropped onto the floor and you clapped, as if expressing that you are happy that you finally made it! Since then, I have been trying to get you to walk... (see video below)

Just last week, at your grandparents' place, no one was watching you... and when I found you, I saw you on the 3rd/4th step on the stairs and standing up with your left hand holding the rail. Boy, you are so brave to climb the stairs yourself and being able to pull yourself up to stand! Your sister is much more careful and she will not take the stairs unless she is accompanied by adults. I can tell that you are more 'gang hoh' (daring) than your sister. You had a surprise look on your face when I found you on the stairs but I know you are happy with your achievement. Mind you, that was a dangerous stunt though. What if you fall from the stairs?

Happy birthday, my 妹妹. "妹妹" has become your 'name' already... everyone in the family calls you that and you also respond to that 'name'. I am looking forward to see what little girl you will grow into :)

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