January 20, 2010

Our First Eggplant!

It is small but the purple is so bright and pretty! This is about the height of my palm

From my kitchen, standing at the sink washing up, I look out into the garden and saw something purple/black hanging from the eggplant plant. The thought that our eggplant plant is finally bearing fruit excites me so much! I quickly screamed for hubby, grab the camera and went outside to have a real look if it was true. Even before I go close to the plant, I knew that my excitement was not in vain. It really is a real eggplant!!

I bought the punnet of 4 seedlings from Bunnings 2 months ago. The plants were growing quite slowly at first (an we hardly really water our garden anyway :p). The 2-3 weeks of rain about 2 weeks ago really help to grow all our plants (and our weeds too!) Only after we (mostly hubby) cleared the weeds 1-2 weeks ago, could we see how big these plants have grown (amidst the jungle of weeds). At that time, I only saw 1 budding flower and was happy that that was a sign of potential fruit. The leaves of the plants were badly punched with holes by bugs but the plants still grew and flowered.

Now I really hope that the fruit will mature slowly... we will be out of town from tomorrow and it may be too late to eat it fresh! :( I am so wanting to eat our first fruit... hopefully our boarder/housesitter will be able to keep and store it for us until we come back.

There is a mysterious plant growing in one of our styrofoam boxes alongside my basil. I knew that it is not a weed and did not remove it. I did throw in some seeds to grow. It could be a chilli, wombok, lettuce, spinach (because I had those seeds). But it seems like it may not be. It doesn't look like any of them. The plant has recently flowered - little clusters of 5 white flowers. Today, I saw some green little berry-like 'fruits' in a cluster. I still cannot figure out what it is... Blueberry was what came to my mind but I doubt it. The mystery should be unraveled soon...

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