January 6, 2010

A Day to The Australia Zoo

Kelloggs had a promotion that when you buy their cereal, you and someone get to go to the zoo for the price (A$55) of 1. You have to cut out the voucher on the cereal box. Hubby and I have never been to the Australia Zoo (aka Steve Irwin Zoo) so we thought we will go have a look during one of the days when we are not working between Christmas and New Year, before the voucher expires on 30 Dec.

There were many people at the zoo that same day that we were stuck in a jam 8km away from the entrance to drive into the parking area. It was supposed to rain (there has been thunderstorms since a week before) and it rained a few times when we drove there (1 hour 15 min journey) but thank God that He protected us from the rain when we were there. It only drizzled very lightly on a couple of occasions.

Actually, both of us are not big animal lovers, which also explains why we don't and will probably never have a pet. So what did we do there? I had a go at feeding an elephant a piece of sweet potato, we got to pat a koala and also a kangaroo. We also spent 1.5 hrs at the Crocoseum watching Bindi Irwin danced, some birds fly and saw the owner of the zoo, Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin and watching a crocodile being fed.

The cutest animal has got to be the koala. It really looks so cute and lazy. Other ones that impressed me were cassowary (the way it swallows its food), otter (cute and swift) and the kangaroo (which I got to touch and it will not run far away from me). Oh, I must not forget the many snakes I saw, with the Burmese snake being the most impressie and fattest! Eeks!

It is interesting to read and know how Australia Zoo came about. Steve Irwin used to own the zoo but since his death in 2006, his wife Terri owns and manages it. Steve has once remarked that he considers Singapore Zoo as Australia Zoo's sister.

At the end of the day I reckon that Singapore Zoo has many more species of animals than Australia Zoo and it was true as I compared the statistics on wikipedia. Singapore Zoo has a smaller land but more number of animals and species. However Australia Zoo has a strong wildlife conservation message and also allows you to come up close and personal with the animals which can be fun. Just to assure Singaporeans that they are not missing out a lot, especially with Night Safari too. However apparently Aust Zoo will be expanding soon and there will be more exhibits! But I will think twice though, since I can really just head to the much-nearer Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to see some koalas, kangaroos and some others. But who knows, I might be convinced to go again in future when the zoo has expanded. Nevertheless, we are still thankful to be able to visit the zoo and spend a day out looking at the animals that God has created :)

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