January 6, 2010

The Old Has Gone, The New Has Come

2009 has just flew past. On New Year's eve, we watched Avatar with Jy, had dinner with her and Sa before we head to the airport to send Jy off to Perth. After that, we had a mini-countdown by having a few people over to chill out after dinner. In comes 2010 and I really do feel older (even though people think that I am younger than my age).

Thinking back on the past year, I have much to give thanks for... My 2nd year spent living in Oz has somewhat been the same as the 1st but also different. The same being our lifestyle, habits and routines generally. The difference is being challenged with different struggles and learning to trust God every step of the way and every single day of my life. Thank God also that those experiences draw hubby and I closer to each other and closer to God.

One major difference is the church that we now attend, which is a church plant from the original one that we used to go to. Our bible study group meets at our place every Tuesday evenings. We also want to practice generous hospitality with family who visit us from overseas, having friends over for dinner and catch-up, etc. It has been challenging to learn how to be generous hosts with the limited resources we have, having to learn that it is not the quality/quantity of food that we provide but the love in wanting genuine fellowship with people (through bible studies, chilling, chatting and praying) and in sharing our home that God gave us and sharing food that others may enjoy.

Something 'significant' that I remember of the year is having to go for 3 camps - church camp, YF camp and BLT. It was a great change from me being part of the committee organising accommodation for my home church in Singapore to being an attendee in church and BLT. I do somehow enjoy it, so that I can truly participate and benefit from learning God's word. YF camp was unusual. Hubby and I were there to serve and help out. Hubby help led discussion group sessions while I babysit 2 yo S while her mum leads another discussion group. I also helped out to cook meals for the campers. I also remembered being very glad to have known more Singaporeans at the camp and also happy that the relationship has continued since and that I am able to be there for them as a 'big' sister-in-Christ from their hometown. I think it is nice for them to have a familiar language that they can relate to ;)

Also went through some physical pain this year, pain which I have never experienced before. God brought me through it all and provided for us. Praise Him!

Another new experience which will follow through to this year, is having a 'stranger' to live with us. Of course he isn't a stranger now... We took in a boarder from overseas and provide him accommodation and some food while he works here. Thank God that he is a Christian and an easy-going person. However sometimes I still miss our couplehood at home (even though he stays in his room most times) and definitely there are little inconveniences (which are too personal to mention) that comes along with having someone else but your family staying with you. It challenges me to be more patient and giving. Thank God that this is a way that He allows and provides us with extra income to keep us going... while we still can 'afford' to spare a room to let.

What do I look forward to this year? To grow better in offering generous hospitality in a creative way that will not burn a hole in our pocket and still be able to share and fellowship with friends. Also to be able to grow in my role as a daughter and wife and child of God, to completely trust God to provide for my every need. God-willing, there may be new experiences unfolding this year for us. He is in total control of my life.

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