December 10, 2009

Treacle & Golden Syrup

I did not know the difference between treacle and golden syrup when the recipe calls for them. All I know is that there is plenty of sugar! Donna Hay tells us more....

Treacle - sweet and sticky, treacle is a by-product of sugarcane refinement. It is dark golden in colour and has a slightly stronger flavour than golden syrup (but not as strong as molasses), with a hint of bitterness. It is used in baking to add a depth of sweetness and moisture. It is very popular in Britain where it is used in the classic treacle tart.

Golden syrup - this is also obtained from the process of sugarcane refining but is not as intensely flavoured as treacle. It is readily available in the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia but harder to find in the US. You can substitute treacle or dark corn syrup in cooking but not when serving. It is an essential ingredient in biscuits, such as brandy snaps, ANZACS and gingernuts, in puddings or simply drizzled over pancakes or oat porridge.
(From Donna Hay Jun/Jul 2009)

Tracle and golden syrup can be found in the sugar section of supermarkets.

I am planning to use golden syrup to make some Christmas cookies for church! :)

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