December 11, 2009

Pretty Cards & God-Blessed Gifts

For the past year, I have been helping out every fortnight at a mum's group. The group meets every Friday morning to study God's word. Most of them are either my friend or my SIL. I help to look after the toddlers to do craft, etc with them while their mums read the Bible with other mums.

Today, I was asked to join them for their Christmas party and sharing session. Even though I do not study the Bible with them, I have heard their sharing and prayer requests and praying for them.... I am really encouraged to see how they have all grow in their roles as a wife, mum and child of God. God is good. I am encouraged by them and they are also encouraged by me as I spend time taking care of their children so that they can study God's word undisturbed. In thanking me (which I did not expect), they presented me with a thank you gift consisting of 2 books:

Imagine how stoked I am to receive the books, especially the Masterchef cookbook! Hubby and I came across the cookbook about 2 weeks ago. We were thinking it is quite a good buy. Other than the yummy recipes (we are loyal fans of the tv program), there are many tips on how to prepare food, and knowledge of cooking food in the kitchen. It is very useful and we thought that  we both are able to learn much from it (although I do the cooking). However I was thinking twice if we should really buy it (since I can get the recipes off their website) since we have a number of cookbooks (and hubby just bought me a huge huge Kitchen Garden Companion). We thought if I can get it for less than A$20 (the cheapest is retailing at A$30), then we will buy it.

The cookbook and tips will come in useful as I am in the midst of starting a food blog, targeting international asian students who may not know how to cook and dislike cooking and end up eating junk unhealthy food. There are very useful info that I can share on the blog which will hopefully really be able to help and minister to the students. Little did I expect to receive this cookbook as a gift. What a great gift that will not only benefit us but others! God knows what we want and He really provide, isn't it?
The other book "Scared Influence", I think would also be great reading for me. Someone recently gave me her extra copy of "Power of a Praying Wife" and I am going through it now... May these resources and God's word continue to challenge me how to be a godly woman and grow to be a capable and beautiful wife who fears God (Proverbs 31) to hubby.

F and her daughter S made these lovely cards (Christmas + thank you) for me. Can you tell who made which one? ;) Anyway, I love both of them and really appreciate the effort and love that they have gone through this. Both of them have such a gifting in this, which is something that I admittedly do not have! I am impressed that S, even though she is just 3, is so good with her fingers and her craft work. She must have taken after her mum. So thankful for friends like them. It is also nice to know that S really likes me (hee I think I am one of her favourite aunties :p). She is very good with me and I have enjoyed getting to know her and spending time with her while taking care of her at mum's group and other occasions when I babysit her alone.

Praise and thank God for providing me with friends here, friends who love me and able to be there to support me as I am far away from my parents, siblings and close friends in SG. I am so privileged to have double the love :)

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