December 9, 2009

Little Red Surprises

My first (almost) good strawberry was picked more than a year ago, in October last year.

Yesterday, I went out to the garden to show S some plants and from a distance, I could see a few red fruits beneath my strawberry leaves. Went to have a closer look and my plants surprised me by bearing me some wholesome berries that were not rotten nor eaten by bugs :) I usually find them too late and they are not good to be eaten. We also do not pay much attention to the plants, except to water them occasionally. From 2 single plants last year, we have now 5 plants (we removed some others as they spread and grow like weeds) Yesterday's was an unusual find - 2 'abormal'-shaped ones and one strawberry-shaped. S & S had one each and I shared the largest with hubby. And you guessed right, these are organic and are sweet!

Thank you, Lord for this little surprise harvest :)

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