October 24, 2008

The First Fruit

This is the first strawberry that I picked from my 2 strawberry plants in my garden. Although this isn't the first that turned red, this certainly looked 'the best' and juiciest. The rest were either rotten/soft or had a quarter of it bitten away by... (I am not sure what).

However this strawberry has 2 holes (1 in the above photo), which probably was drilled by some worms. But I thought I still could cut off bits of the fruit that was unharmed, just to try out the taste of the strawberries growing in my garden. And so I ate the bottom bit and some on the side.... it was really sweet! :) I am so pleased and so proud that finally, my garden produced a decent fruit. All other plants in the garden are vegetables or herbs. The closest is the chilli, left behind by the previous owner. The 2 strawberry plants were from my MIL. They came as small seedlings some 5-6 months ago. They grew very slowly at first and I was getting disappointed... A couple of months later, I uprooted and transplant them into another spot, which then grew quite a bit more in a shorter time. I was excited when I saw its first flower... and now, the fruits are here!

My heart is thankful... and I recalled how hubby and I actually prayed that our garden will bear us some vegetables and fruits so that we can save a bit on our grocery bill. God is answering that prayer... and hey, this is one way that God provide for our needs, isn't it? :)

2 other thoughts:

Anonymous said...

again, a thankful heart! what a great prayer point :) i feel the same delight when my garden bears some decent vegetables and herbs. but doesn't it get a little disheartening when the garden isn't going well? all the more reason to give thanks to God when nice vegetables/fruits/herbs do come out! ST

island said...

commit all things to god in prayer.. maybe there is something to improve in your soil that you need to note/learn now so that you can have a better harvest? it is still not too late to do something about it now that it is still spring time :)

give thanks too, that we live in a place where we have fresh fruits/veggies made available even for us to buy easily. some countries don't have that privilege..

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