December 15, 2009

Little Providence

Just as I was thanking God for His providence on that same day, I went to Spotlight, needing to buy some iron-on alphabets. I have been looking out for letters that I wanted every time I go so that when the letters come out or when they are on sale, I will buy them. I was lamenting to hubby that I cannot find those letters that I want each time I go. I need to get them to personalize aprons which I will be sewing.

Alas, it is drawing closer to having to give a pair of aprons to my friends (and I have not started sewing!) and finally, for the first time, I see the entire range of alphabets on sale - A to Z! Other times when I look, the letters that I want (especially the vowels) are always not in stock. Yet that day, they actually had A to Z! Immediately I grabbed all 17 alphabets that make up the names of 4 persons whom I was going to make aprons for.

What was unexpected was being able to get 20% discount off for all alphabets (A$1.29 each). I had a coupon that was 20% off for 1 full-priced item. But the girl at the check-out gave me 20% for all of them. I was so happy! God provides! He knows when I really need them, He provided not only a discount, but the availability.

This is not a big matter, I know. But I simply cannot get over the 'coincidence' of being able to get discount and all the letters that I wanted, while I have been waiting and looking for the last few occasions I went to the shop. In addition to the other things that He provided that day, I was overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness to Him who knows me best and provides for me :)

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