November 23, 2009

Lemon Whiskey Cake

I have some lemons lying around in my fridge (lemons are in season now) and wanted to bake something that uses lemons for church's afternoon tea. The night before I baked, we were given a half bottle of bourbon whiskey from TY (who got it from A, who got it from C). I don't have that in my pantry and hence I welcomed it for me to bake/make desserts with.

After a search with taste, I found a lemon whiskey cake recipe which came in perfect with the ingredients that I wanted to use! What good timing and providence!

Forgot to take a photo before I bought it to church. These are the few slices of leftovers which we had it for brekky this morning

I am really happy with the result. The cake is fragrant (because of the lemon and whiskey), moist yet not dense. It tasted like a Christmas fruit cake, except that it is softer and less sweet. I am usually not a big fan of fruit cakes because they were too sweet. I have added 1-2 tbsp less than the required amount of sugar, which was just right. Raisins or mixed dried fruits could be used in place of the sultanas.

Recipe can be found here. Next, (if I can find the recipe) I shall attempt cooking chicken with whiskey for tonight's dinner and make butterscotch sauce with whiskey to go with sticky date pudding for my guests on Wednesday ;)

2 other thoughts:

Dwjl said...

Would you like some little bottles of spirits? I have Bundy Rum, JW Black Label Whiskey, Vodka and Gin I purchased while i was flying but cannot consume on campus so if you use them for cooking, please let me know - they are unopened :)

island said...

you sure you don't want to keep them to cook for yourself? cannot drink on campus but surely can cook with it?

otherwise, i don't mind rum and whiskey. i don't think i can cook with vodka and gin. they're for drinking or put in beverages ;) thanks in advance!

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