November 23, 2009

An Unwelcomed Guest & A New Beginning

On the day we came back from our long weekend away (for our 2nd anniversary), the man spotted a very unwelcomed guest in our backyard - a snake!

Notice the pattern of the snake? I found out that this is a carpet python. We think it has just ate something and hence a part of it is fatter than other parts and it was also quite lazy to budge when we disturb it.

This is not the first time we spotted a snake in our backyard in the warmer seasons (which is why I don't like summer). But this is definitely the first python we saw. I know they are not poisonous. Nevertheless, it still freaked us out!

After we disturbed the snake, it slipped from the fence and ended up amongst the plants in the corner. Those plants are ground cover and is a bit dense. When the man checked, it was nowhere to be seen. Hopefully, it has escaped back to its natural habitat - the bushland just beyond our fence. Anyway we decided to get rid of those plants and replace it with something which we are able to see the base of the plant and no snake is able to hide there. Instead of getting a decorative plant, we reckon it will be better to get a low maintenance plant that is able to bear us some fruit or beneficial to us.

A lime tree! Limes can be fairly expensive most times of the year. My SIL and MIL has a lemon tree and hence I thought we could have a lime tree! It should harvest in 14-16 weeks (that is 4 months!). We pray that it will bear us some fruits!

Along with that, we also planted some eggplant and lettuce seedlings that we bought. Also did heaps of weeding (because we did not bother with our garden for some time), which will hopefully mean that our plants can grow well and the environment will be unsuitable for snakes to reside/hunt for their food.

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Anonymous said...

how did W become 'the man'?!

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