November 13, 2009

I Love Brisbane!

(Top from left) I touched a gecko (eeks!!), native live geckos, indian lunch
(Bottom from left) Live cooking demo, I love BNE, my favourite (not the colour though) Mini

W brought me to a show/fair not too far from our place last Sunday. Had a little fun in the hot sun looking at various Brisbane City Council displays and environmental efforts.

Was quite cool to see some live geckos and snakes (most were kept in their plastic containers). There were 3 tamed geckos that were outside their containers. I thought they were fake but they turned out to be live ones which just don't move much because they are tamed. With that, I touched one of them gently and still had goose pimples all over me...

It wasn't a huge event but it was a relaxing 1 hour spent walking around, eating, looking at things and breathing the Brisbane air. This is what aussies like to do on their weekends... I would, so long as it is not too hot :p

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Anonymous said...

you're such an aussie now! ;)

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