November 13, 2009

Bread Top Has Opened!!

Singapore has Breadtalk and when they were new, it was such a hit with everyone!

Pork floss bun (with cream in the middle) and red bean swirl

Similar packaging as Breadtalk

New in Queensland (there are already many branches in VIC and NSW), Bread Top has just opened its first store at Garden City, Upper Mt Gravatt. It is located kinda outside Godfreys on the upper level. The store is so new that as I type, it is not listed on the Garden City nor Bread Top's websites.

New Bread Top at Garden City

What is the appeal? Asian breads :) I reckon Bread Top has some relation (good or not) with Breadtalk. The breads that they sell are similar. Even the logo is somewhat similar. I first tried Bread Top in Sydney and I was so happy to be able to find something similar to Breadtalk here. For the record, I have not eaten Breadtalk in Singapore for some time, even when I was still there... I guess the discovery of Bread Top was just something that brings back memories of Singapore and its food.

Try it! Oh how I miss that pork floss bun..... :)

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