November 5, 2009

Delightful Surprise In the Mail!

(Name and address blocked out)

My long-awaited gift arrived this morning. R told me that she sent me something (presumably a birthday gift) from SG. I was just wondering when it was going to arrive when the postman knocked on my door early this morning to deliver the parcel :)

This is the content of the parcel - a pair of thongs (as what Aussies say) or slippers/flip flops (as what SGreans say) and a pair of socks. R knows that I like pink (that's what good friends are for, isn't it?) and I thought the thongs and socks is such a sweet idea. I was thinking that the socks come in handy for my walking/jogging/exercise and the thongs are good for summer. After I read the card, then I realise that these were to encourage me in my weekly swimming (thongs) and jogging/walking (socks). Well, my guess was not too far away eh? Thanks for being so thoughtful, R :)

How I look when I wear them (That reminds me that I need to get a pedicure done when I go back to SG. My toes are not in the best condition)

The parcel also had a card, which R said she missed those times where we meet up at coffee joints (hence the card above). R and I used to do some 1-2-1 discussion on a little book of questions and issues that challenge us in our Christian walk. We also shared a lot about our lives and struggles and hence I think we grew closer then. We signed up for gym membership together for 2 years and hung out a lot together (sometimes with her hubby too). Now we have moved on in our lives - I am married and living overseas and R's had 2 kids. Even though we do not do our 1-2-1 now, we remained really good friends. R is really encouraging to talk to when you are feeling down. She is also one of the toughest (yet gentle and pretty) woman whom I know. God has really grew her in maturity over these years. She is such a dear friend, always full of encouragement, creativity and really fun to talk to. She makes me laugh :D and cry too (when I am so moved by what she say/do). Now I do not really feel too far away because we are really just a phone call away.

R, I miss you too... Let's celebrate your birthday together when we get back yeah? We will be there 2 days late but I hope you'll still like your belated birthday gift (the plane is the gift box and we are the gift :p LOL).

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