November 5, 2009

Ambon Cake

What was left after we had some for breakfast this morning

A little mid-week blessing - ambon cake and another kueh (green in photo. Not sure of its name) made by Aunty X. My office (in a residential area) is just a street off the street that Aunty X lives on. Probably takes 2-3 mins' walk to get there. I would have to drive pass her place when I get to and fro work. Aunty X is my MIL's friend in church, a lovely Indonesian Chinese lady who spends most (if not all) her time baking and making kuehs, breads, buns, cakes, etc. She would give/share them with my MIL and her neighbours. Sometimes my MIL will give some to us. Most of them were Asian cakes/kuehs.

Aunty X has been meaning to give me her cakes/kuehs but did not get around to it. We bumped into each other some 2 weeks ago and she asked for my office address, contact no and the days that I am working so that she could ring me to go collect food from her. Hence yesterday was the first time that happened. I was so happy to learn that she is giving us some ambon cake, even though she claimed that this was from a packet of ambon cake mix. I hope to go pick up some baking tips from her some day... and learn how to make some yummy kuehs from her :) In the meantime, I shall go to Yuen's (my local Asian grocery store) to try out the ambon cake mix myself :)

Lord, thank you for little blessings like these... :)

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