November 1, 2009

Birthday Cakes

Have been wanting to play with decorating cakes with fondant but never got around to it. What better chance to do it other than my own birthday! If I didn't do a good job out of it, it is ok since it is my own birthday... no one can fault me :p

It was really fun decorating the lemon pound cupcakes with fondant and the chocolate cakes with frosting. I have always wanted cupcakes as birthday cakes and here I am, making my own :) Both cakes were made with extra virgin olive oil (instead of butter) and added unprocessed bran in them.

Chocolate cupcakes with sky blue icing and white chocolate hearts and silver edible beads

Lemon cupcakes with blue or pink flowers

Play dough time!

Cupcakes stored in my cake carrier (with a cake stand inside to create another layer for extra storage)

Hopefully my next try would be prettier :)

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