November 1, 2009

I Am Another Year *Younger*...

... so my friend says... ;)

It has been a really busy past week and the weekend. For 3 week nights, hubby and I were busy preparing or making some food for the weekend's gatherings. I was especially happy and so glad for this opportunity to invite some of my closer Christian friends in Brissy to meet my NC friends at a lunch bbq gathering for my birthday. What better reason/occasion that we could do so? I was glad that it happened and that all my friends could mingle well.

In the arvo, we had some young people over for arvo tea. They were mostly Singaporean students studying in Brissy and were attending the morning service of our church. It was a great chance to have them over (to feed them), to play some games, wrap our own dumplings, cook them and eat them!

Today, we slept in a bit (especially after the long day we had). Under my request of having Japanese, we had lunch at Oishi Sushi near our place. I used to eat quite a fair bit of Jap food in SG but hardly here in Oz, because it is more expensive here. By God's provision, hubby somehow was given $50 from work by pure luck and it basically was enough to cover our yummy meal! You have no idea how satisfied and happy I was to have 2 pieces of salmon nigiri - raw salmon on some rice. The salmon was so fresh and was such a generous serving of salmon.

The generous serve and thick slice of salmon (with little rice)

Spider roll (soft shell crab) $13 and white lobster (lobster salad) $15

After church service, I was given the privilege to choose our dinner venue and I chose Mi Sushi, a takeaway store along Hawken Drive. I had pork katsu with soba noodles - simple, inexpensive and I love it! I reckon I could eat Japanese for every meal and not get sick of it! I wonder when will our next Jap meal be? In SG?

What is the most significant thing in the past year?
Being able to see God's provision for my life - every little, single detail. I know that He knows that encourages me to continue trusting and have faith in Him.

What is my birthday wish?
That hubby and I can continue to grow in love and communication.

What do I look forward to in the new year?
A slimmer, healthier me and growing more to appreciate people, especially family.

It has been a busy weekend and I have had no chance to reflect more... I will do so tomorrow :)

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