August 5, 2009

Bengawan Solo Treats

As mentioned earlier, we just had overseas guests from SG... As requested, they brought over my favourite Bengawan Solo snacks :) Thank God that they managed to get through the AU customs legally.

One of the food I missed is those kueh (or kuih) that I can easily buy in SG. The range that Bengawan Solo has is enormous! Amongst them, I like angku kueh, ondeh ondeh, corn kueh (which I tried before but failed), kueh dadar (my SIL once made it and was good!), egg tarts, pulut inti, soon kueh, ambon kueh and kueh lapis! Of the list, our friends brought us the following 2:

Ambon kueh

Kueh lapis

I was so excited and looking at them, they look too precious to be eaten. At the same time, I could not resist them. I cut them up into slices and put some aside to be eaten the next couple of days and some wrapped up and freezed away for future enjoyment ;)

One of the aunties, my MIL's friend who is an Indonesian Chinese makes really good kueh lapis too. I do not think I will ever attempt it as it is really involves a lot of work. However, one day I may try making the ambon kueh (known as bika ambon in Indonesia) with a recipe that I found.

Another kueh that I also really missed is kueh tu tu, which I blogged about it 2 years ago. I am sure you cannot bring this to AU and it is best to be eaten when it is freshly out from the steamer.

Anyway, thanks to D and HW, I can enjoy some tastes of hometown :)

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