October 17, 2009

Singapore Curry

I did not know that there is such thing as Singapore Curry. Singapore has many sorts of curry - indian, malay, chinese, sri lankan, etc.

Can't remember if this was what I bought from Singapore or perhaps my folks brought it here for me. Anyway it was a good thing to try...

Turned out to be really good! Hubby and our boarder TY loved it! Just add chicken pieces and potatoes. I reckon that the coconut milk gave it the final punch. And yeah I suppose it is rather authentic of the curry that you can eat at the Singapore hawker stalls. The portion was enough for our dinner, hubby's lunch the next day, a portion for another meal (to freeze) and a container of the gravy (to freeze) only, which can be used for curry noodles, etc.

This has certainly made us closer to buying more Prima Taste when we go back to SG. Can't wait!!

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