October 16, 2009

The Big Clean Up

2 weeks ago, hubby and I finally got around to spring clean our place after having lived in it for 2 years. We cleaned the entire lounge room, dining room, windows, floor, sorted out our belongings, rearrange some furniture so that we have a slightly more spacious lounge room when people come over, cleaned the kitchen and most of all, our guest room and the things that we store in there.

Cleaned all the light fittings, hubby sorting through his (many) things, the guestroom and the amount of paper that we are throwing into the recycling bin

The mess in the lounge and dining room as I clean the fan

Cleaning can be therapeutic. Really like the feeling of a cleaner, neater home. I am happy that hubby really helped a great deal. It was no coincidence that that was a good weekend to clean up as we had a boarder to come stay with us a few days later.

Looking forward for the next clean up next year or so :p

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