October 22, 2009

Lots of Encouragement This Week (So Far)

For the past few days, I have been filled with heartfelt thanksgiving to God... which I suppose I have been taking much for granted (not in particular order) -

- received a bad news and was rather shakened.
- had a long long-distanced chat with J which helped/reminded me of my faith and trust in Jesus
- had K who offered to come over to be with me, but I decided it was ok not to.
- had S to chat with and offered to have Tuesday Bible study at her place instead, but I reckon I will be ok by then.
- had 2 other girl friends rang to encourage me.
- brief chat with SIL G who really encouraged me and allowed me to cry. Baby A was amazingly ok with her mummy talking to me on the phone.
- FIL did some massage treatment to relieve the tension on my shoulders and neck.
- chatted with mum and to know that after so long, she is finally able to understand my predicament about one area of my life.

- woke up and feeling really thankful for being able to live on earth, that God created us in His image.
- gchat with D whom I have not kept in touch for ages. Really encouraged by his and his wife's growth and perseverance in Christ even when things are not exactly easy for them.
- message from P's wife, D encouraging me and praying for me.
- emails from 3 other girl friends encouraging me and spurring me on.
- a little gift from S to cheer me up and she prayed for me during CG where she knew exactly what to pray for.
- had IG asked how things were and how he can pray for me.
- being reminded from H that this is the day the Lord as made and made me :) instead of :(
- read D's blog to be encouraged by her testimony.
- encouraged by Nick's interview.
- receiving a pair of free movie tickets that came in the mail, compliments from Witchery. Hubby has a meeting to attend next week so I decided to pass the tickets to G as a blessing to her and her friend.

- woke up and was thankful that God made our bodies so intricately. Pain is good as it signals to us that somewhere in our body needs attention. When we cut ourselves, the sensation of pain tells us that we need to do something to stop our blood from running out. Without pain, we may bleed to death!
- being able to buy needful things from Target on the last day of sale. Went out during lunch time to buy them. This was a little way of God showing His providence when I need things, even in the smallest area of all.
- able to write an email to mummy S to encourage her about her health.
- great time of fellowship and cooking session with KEGnadians.
- able to pray for other people and not just focused on my own worries.
- appreciating mum's gift of dried scallops that I may enjoy having it in my rice congee for lunch.

Today, Thursday
- woke up being thankful that God provides for the birds and lilies and me!
- love and encouragement shown through Y.
- the knowledge that my life on earth is able to bless others and minister to some, all for God's glory!
- learning to give thanks for little things, not taking anything for granted and complain.

Last but not least, I am really thankful for a husband who loves me and is there for me to care and comfort me. Hubby is far from perfect (just like me) but He is God-given to me. It is such a great blessing to have him grow old with me through all the laughter and tears of life.

Be joyful always, pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

2 other thoughts:

Hamster said...

Hi - been following your blog. I'm from ARPC too. Please take care and may whatever is plaguing your body be removed by Him really soon.

Anonymous said...

how encouraging :) k.

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