October 14, 2009

Wedding Cards

2 weeks ago, we decided to spring clean the house, after living in it for the past 2 years. I thought I will sort through the wedding cards that we received from our wedding. There were so many cards! To save space, I removed the envelopes of the cards and put them in the recycling bin. I also realised that we had 2 cards of the same (4 different) design.

We are intending to read through all the cards during our anniversary vacation coming up in a month's time... Being very practical, we thought we shall read and thereafter recycle those cards which had no any other personal messages but a "Dear...., From .....". I cannot really understand why people write and give cards for the sake of giving. It seemed like a waste of paper resources and $ spent to buy them. Wouldn't it be more paper-conscious if they just write their names on the present's wrapper?

As for the cards that we do not plan to keep, I shall put them aside so that I could cut up and use them for other occasions where needed. For the rest of the cards, they will be kept in a box so that we could fish them out and read them again... maybe on our 5th or 10th year wedding anniversary :)

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