August 15, 2009

My Childhood Mooncake Festival Favourite

Around mooncake festival (or mid-autumn festival), I used to like to eat this biscuit before I start to appreciate eating mooncakes. This is known as 'jyu zai bang' in Cantonese or 豬仔餅 in Mandarin, which literally means piglet biscuit. It is sold in a plastic basket as above and it is suppose to symbolise piglets being bound and sold in baskets. I cannot really find the story behind it after a brief google search. Anyway, some people prefer this over mooncakes (probably mostly the children).

What I probably like about this is the chewy texture of the biscuit/cake. Other than that, it is just something that I relate to my childhood as the adults eat mooncakes and pomelo and the children carry our lanterns and eat this piglet biscuit. I am pleased to pick this up at my local Asian grocery store for A$1, which is not far from the ones you pay in SG.

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