August 15, 2009

Basic Butter Biscuits

I was thinking of baking some bickies (aussies' way of referring to biscuits) or cookies to bring to a conference next weekend. Hope to share with our travel mates and our group members or simply just share it over supper. I'd reckon homemade bickies are healthier than the bought ones...

Found this recipe on Taste, which is a basic butter biscuits recipe and you can vary adding different ingredients and making other types of bickies with this same recipe. I tried making the raspberry jam drops (I used strawberry instead) and sultana and oat biscuits last night.

Sultana and oat biscuits - the healthier version

Strawberry jam drops

S bought us some jam drops for church's afternoon tea a few weeks ago. I thought it tasted quite nice and since this was one of the options to vary, I thought I will try it too and they turned out quite good :) The recipe says that it makes 30 but I was able to get at least 35 out of the lot. A little more than half of the jam drops shall be brought to church for afternoon tea tomorrow... while the other lot shall be brought up to conference next week!

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