August 20, 2009

World's Strictest Parents

It was interesting to watch reality tv show "World's Strictest Parents" on tv last night. 2 rebellious aussie teens were sent to a SG 'strict' family to live with them for a few days.

Watch the video here.

At the end of the day? It sounds like all teens in SG wants out of studying hard is to enter a good university.... whilst it might be true for a big majority of them, this is not all true for all of them. And mind you, there are also a number of out-of-control, rebellious and dysfunctional teens in SG too! This is just a sinful world, isn't it?

2 other thoughts:

Xinyu said...

Haha.. my aussie OT coursemate asked me about my lifestyle in Singapore after watching that show.:) I would love to watch it one day, so thanks for putting up the link.:) Do you know if the show is showed in Singapore? In my opinion and from my own past experience, I don't think it is just about entering into a gd uni . I feel the rat race in Sg is getting out of control and have many undesirable consequences, as can be seen from the working culture there.:(

island said...

not sure if the show is on in singapore but i doubt it.

yup you're right, it is about the rat race that we are brought up to be pursuing... but really it is just chasing after the wind - meaningless (Ecclesiastes)

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