July 4, 2009

Goodness of Brazilian Nuts

Have been watching "Food Investigators" on the SBS channel. This program investigates the truth about food and educates its viewers on the truths of some popular myths behind food that we know. It also enlightens viewers of the nutrition in foods that we commonly know. A doctor, a food sciencist and 2 nutritionists investigate and presents to us, the truth about food.

I now know that I need not fret that I am not getting sufficient nutrition from caged eggs as compared with organic eggs or others. In terms of nutrition, they are not very different as many of the chickens now are fed with feed that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, etc in which the eggs that they produced are packed and labelled as "packed with omega-3". The only reason that we as consumers probably would consider eating free-range eggs or organic eggs is because the chickens that laid them were raised in a more humane condition than caged chickens. Caged eggs are cheaper and I cannot justify eating free-range eggs that are priced 2 times more, simply because we cannot afford it. You can read more about it. More articles are also available on their website.

Back to Brazilian nuts... I don't think I have tried them before, nor thought much about it. During one of the FI episodes, I learnt that they are high in selenium, a strong antioxidants and is high in dietary fibre and packed with Vitamin E. Just eating 2 a day, we will be obtaining sufficient vitamins to have beautiful hair and nails. On reading further, I also learnt that they contain high amounts of unsaturated fats which is 'healthy' when ingested in moderate amounts. It contains magnesium and zinc which aids the release of energy from foods to assist nerve and muscle function and strengthens the immune system. Vitamin E also helps in preventing heart disease.

A nut, jam packed with so much goodness. What more are you waiting for? Go grab some for yourselves! I just bought a pack of 500g for $9 at Woolies today!

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