July 5, 2009

Cash Coverters

We have quite a bit of junk at home - things that we were given but we never found a use for, things that we have used and now no longer needed, things that we possibly bought and don't use... all these things are gathering dust at home. We sort things out every now and then and would put them up for sale or giveaway on Scoodi or hubby's office's classified ads.

Since some of the items have been lying around for some time, we thought we are better off if we just get rid of some of them via Cash Converters. CC buys things that you no longer need and sell them off at their 2nd hand retail store. You could also pawn (I think the aussies don't use the word 'pawn' here) your belongings for temporary cash and redeem them at a later time within a certain time frame, otherwise the items would be sold.

Yesterday I sold 6 items to them but only got $16 for them all. But I guess it was better than them gathering dust at home!

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