June 30, 2009

A Kiwi A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

About 3 weeks ago, hubby and I chanced upon the Zespri gold kiwi at Coles and hubby was reminded of ieat's blog entry on the super nutrition of the kiwi fruit last month. It was on sale for 60 cents each. I cannot remember the taste of gold kiwi so I thought we will buy a couple to try (even though we thought that it was not cheap) and if we like it, we could go back for more before the sale ended.

True enough, the gold kiwi is sweet. In fact, all of them are sweet, unlike the green ones that you sometimes get a bit of sour taste. And the gold ones are soft (hubby likes it soft) while some of the less ripened green kiwis can be a bit hard. We did go back to Coles to buy more Zespri gold kiwi, thinking that we could have 1 every 2-3 days for the nutrition and vitamins as preventative health for us getting sick since it is now winter and with all the H1N1 virus everywhere. On the days when we eat kiwi, we would not take our 500mg Vit C supplement.

The following week, Woolies was selling the same golden kiwi for $4.80 per kg which works out to less than 60cents per kiwi. Bought some earlier in the week for us to eat it every 2nd day and on Sunday (the last day of the sale), I bought 4 more which would last hubby and I to have one everyday this week to boost our health and immunity before hubby goes out of the country for a week this weekend. I am trying not to fall ill as well in case hubby gets it from me.

So far, the gold kiwi has proven us good. I was having symptoms of falling ill 2 weeks ago (tiredness and 1 sneeze each time - I rarely sneezed and if I did sneeze more or less than 2x per time, it is a warning from my body system that I am getting sick) but so far, I have kept well. Thank God that the kiwi worked us and for people who have been praying for our good health. I will put hubby on Vitamin B complex supplement (has various Vit Bs, C, folate, zinc etc) during his 10 days away and prayerfully it will help to keep him free from viruses!

Keep a lookout for gold kiwi at your local supermarkets!

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